In a world of rampant data use and, in turn, vulnerability, consumers are increasingly aware of data misuse and resulting harms. However, achieving privacy and public safety, in balance with business interests is a challenging task. My2Tec’s mission is to build systems that provide users’ with full control and ownership of their personal information: privacy, without sacrificing business interests. Leveraging machine learning and cryptography, smart personal assistants, are permissioned to use only the appropriate data in order to provide value-added, intelligent, services for each user. In addition, users will also be able to grant third-party permissions to use their personal data either in plain text or within a secure environment. The users will now be in full control of their personal information.


We aspire to enable a society of continued innovation, progress and prosperity, which will enhance the well-being for everyone. We will create a world where privacy and security may not only co-exist, but will foster greater innovation and prosperity by increasing our cherished freedoms as a society.


Continued innovation is a function of technological progress. However, technological progress can also impede prosperity if it hampers individual privacy and freedoms. Currently, progress is dependent on data, including personal information. People are increasingly aware that their personal information is being collected to influence them and others without their consent. As a result, consumers are losing trust in organizations. These very organizations with large databases of personal information are also increasingly vulnerable to data breaches through cyber attacks.


Dispel the view that one must choose between privacy vs. public safety or business interests. We will show that it is possible to achieve a positive sum paradigm that gives people control of their information while still allowing business interests to succeed.


Regulating privacy in an era of rampant innovation is a lagging remedy. Technology moves far too quickly for regulation to keep pace. Technology must serve as a primary instrument in achieving privacy. We believe individuals who have full ownership and control of their personal information where they grant permission for the use of their data minimizes the need for trust. In effect, our mission is to decentralize personal information.


We are developing privacy and security enhancing tools that may be embedded into technology, right from the outset. Decentralizing data diminishes the chances of successful cyberattacks and reduces organizational control over personal data. Permissioned data access and new methods of privacy preserving analytics will allow organizations to continue to analyze and effectively target relevant communications to their customers.


We should not stop progress but we should direct it towards preserving individual freedoms by enabling privacy as a default through positive sum technology. In addition, by granting users full access to their personal information, we will create value-added permissioned services through smart personal assistants.

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